About Zöe

How face painting found me

zoe facemaker

I was lucky enough to grow up in a creative family on the Isle of Wight with fancy dress at every conceivable calendar point of the year from halloween to parties to carnivals to New Year. I only later realised that face painting was integral to that but I always saw it as part of the costume, rather than something in it’s own right. With a desire to do something artistic with my life I achieved a first class honours degree in Fine Art from University of Plymouth, Exeter and I went on to have a successful television career spanning over 15 years. I loved my job as a Producer/ Director, but due to family commitments I wanted to scale back the kind of work I could take on – but what else could I do? I thought long and hard but my daughter decided for me…

Zoe and the Facemakers owes it’s existence to Peppa Pig!

All the parents will understand why immediately, but there is an 10701997_293773117478179_8500379516797184335_nepisode (series 1, ep 20) in which Peppa and her friends get their faces painted by Miss Rabbit at the school fete, hilariously all she can paint is tigers. To cut a long story short this captured my daughters imagination and she wanted her face painted all the time and in turn this re-ignited a creative passion in me which was immediate and easy to share. So after a year of painting my daughter and her friends I decided to enrol on various courses at the London School of Facepainting to learn professional skills and techniques, my joy for face painting just grew and continues to grow. You never tire of seeing people’s faces as they are transformed by the magic face painting.

And I am happy to say tigers are still one of my favourite most roarsome things to paint! (although unlike Miss Rabbit, I do have a few other designs up my sleeve as well).